Why Organic?

Our juices, salads, and smoothies are made from 100% organic produce. 100% of the time.

It's not always easy maintaining a balanced, truly healthy diet, especially in this Dark Age of pesticides, chemical additives, and GMOs. The certified organic fruit and veggies we use are not genetically modified in any way and are grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

This is important because pesticide residues have been shown to cause numerous short-term and long-term health risks, including cancer and birth defects. Further, studies show that organic produce has higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals than conventional produce. We believe that the price difference between organic and conventional produce is a small one to pay.

For you vegans and vegetarians out there, we're giving you an easy way to maintain a balanced, healthy diet, as our products are fresh, delicious, nutritionally dense, and 100% vegan. And for you carnivores out there, our juices are a great way to supplement your diet and maintain healthy balance. Check out all of the different organic ingredients and delicious recipes we use.