Why Juice?

To thrive, our bodies need to be nourished daily with a large supply of the vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes that can only be found in fresh, nutritional, raw fruits and vegetables. So what exactly is the recommended "large supply" of fresh produce that we should consume on a daily basis?


servings of fruit and vegetables per day

- Harvard School of Public Health


Because the typical American diet consists of an abundance of foods that create high levels of acidity in the body once they are digested (e.g., meat, dairy products, sugars, grains, coffee, soda, alcohol). A highly acidic environment can be toxic to our organs and tissues and lead to weight gain and disease.

Alkaline foods like vegetables (and some fruits and nuts) detoxify acidic residue, nourishing and strengthening the body and maximizing energy.


Amongst many other benefits, a clean diet rich in nutritional fruits and vegetables has been found to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and many forms of cancer. In other words, if there's any guideline out there that we should be striving to meet or exceed, this is the one.

Alright, so it's really important to regularly consume fruits and vegetables. So how are we doing? Following the typical American diet, most of us probably aren't even close. But is that really that surprising? We're busy, and it's very time-consuming preparing and eating all those servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. And that's to say nothing of how most of our jaws would feel after that kind of daily chewing workout. 


Yes. Fresh, raw, organic cold-pressed juice. The only kind we make at The Juice Laundry.

Our bodies most readily absorb the critical vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes found in raw fruits and vegetables when we "drink them," as opposed to eating them whole. Our fresh juices are also loaded with antioxidants that bind to toxins and remove them from your body so they can't do any further damage to your cells. And our digestive systems don't have to expend any energy to break down juice, as they do with whole fruits and vegetables.

Juice consumption allows your overworked digestive system to take a break while your body devotes more energy to detoxifying, healing, and strengthening your immune system.

And now, the exciting truth...

2 lbs.

The minimum amount of fresh, organic produce that goes into every one of our 17 oz. juices. 

So drinking even just one of our juices puts you well on your way to meeting the daily recommendation of fruit and vegetable servings. Oh, and our juices are freaking delicious too.