Why Cleanse?

We think that a juice cleanse is a great physical and mental challenge and that successfully completing one is an awesome experience.

30% of the average human body's overall energy expenditure is devoted solely to digestion under normal conditions. Juice cleanses are designed to divert this energy from digestion to detoxification and restoration.

A cleanse is as much about what you're leaving out of your body as it is about what you're putting in. The benefit of a juice cleanse like ours is that, in addition to giving your digestive system a chance to rest and heal, you're supplying your body with all of the nutrition it needs: living enzymes, vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, proteins, and water. In other words, your body can cleanse while continuing to function properly.


While our bodies do a pretty amazing job of detoxifying and healing themselves given all the hazards and toxins we expose them to, it's critical that we provide our bodies with the best environment possible so they can detoxify and heal efficiently and effectively.

You probably change the oil and filters in your car on a regular basis so that it runs cleanly and smoothly; doesn't it make sense to also clean your body's filter system regularly so it has the best chance of functioning properly and healing? To us, it's that simple.

The juice itself isn't some magic potion that will cure every (or any) disease, but the process does give your body the greatest chance of detoxifying and healing itself.


A juice cleanse is never a pointless exercise, even for an already healthy body. Cleansing on a regular basis can help minimize the amount of toxins in your body, stopping illness before it starts. Ultimately, our goal is to introduce you to a different, healthier way of life through occasional cleansing; one that will have you looking and feeling better than ever before. Thinking long, hard and smartly about what we choose to put into our bodies is never a bad idea.

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