Our Process

We always cold-press our juice using Norwalk and Goodnature hydraulic press juicers. This is a time- and labor-intensive process that extracts the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from every piece of fresh produce that we juice.

After grinding the fresh produce into a pulp, we place the ground pulp into microfiber bags and apply thousands of pounds of pressure to completely extract the good stuff so that it can be easily digested by your body.

With no work for your digestive system to do, your cells are being fed, nourished, and cleaned within minutes of consuming one of our juices.


The cold-press method we employ minimizes the amount of air that mixes with the juice during pressing, causing oxidization (decomposition) to occur much slower than with other methods of juice extraction.

With no preservatives or other additives whatsoever, our bottled juice will maintain its freshness and nutritional powerhouse status for at least 72 hours (just remember to keep juices refrigerated at all times).

Other commercial and household juicers (typically of the "centrifugal" variety) are quicker and easier to operate, but cannot compete with the cold-press method in terms of either nutritional value or taste of the end product. That's why we go to all the trouble.


We don't treat our juice in any way. Ever. Period. Some juice you might see on the shelves at the local Whole Foods or coffee shops looks like it might be the good stuff. It says it's raw, it says it's organic, it says it's cold-pressed, it says it's all natural. But if you look closely, it has an expiration date as far out as a month or two. What's wrong with this picture??? High pressure processing, otherwise known as HPP - that's what's wrong.

HPP is a method of preservation and sterilization in which a product is processed under extremely high pressure, leading to the inactivation of certain microorganisms and enzymes in the food or drink. In other words, it's a live juice killer, and we'll never subject our beautiful, potent juice to such a harsh and detrimental process just to save a few bucks. Period.

We drink our juice and only our juice, and we drink it often. We hope it's the juice you choose to drink too.