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The Way Out is Inward

The Way Out is Inward



Out of all pursuits that exist in the world, it has been often stated that it can be boiled down to one desire.  Whether it is a relationship, career, fashion or money, we all want the ever so elusive well-being.  We desire to feel good in our body, mind and emotions and we are willing to pursue with unbridled fervor, that which we believe will bring those good feelings.  But somewhere along the journey complications seem to arise in the form of disappointment.  We experience these moments of joy and peace but they are fleeting.  It never lasts long enough to satisfy and we find ourselves back on the hamster wheel of life to find the next pleasure.

Somehow we think that only fixing or improving the outer conditions will make our lives better.  Our access to quality goods is remarkable; the level of convenience and luxury rivals that of royalty in times past; no matter our desire, someone has created some innovative technology to meet the need.  We are the most comfortable generation to have ever lived, yet our quality of life has significantly decreased and it seems as if we are less joyful, peaceful and loving than our ancestors.  Undoubtedly, there will be more products, vacations and parties created by someone to address our deep longing for fulfillment and they will all fail because none of it has the ability sustain us beyond the moment of experience and the immediate memory.  When looking at this way of life, our vulnerability becomes very evident:  we have allowed our emotions, thoughts and desires to be influenced by external circumstances, none of which are in our control.  Even when things are going well, the anticipation that it is possible to fall apart is absolutely torturous.  As long as our inner life is controlled by outer situations, we will always be in a devastating position. 

The way out of this frenzy, is to go inward and recognize our true state of being.  Joy and peace are not goals to be attained through external means.  Matter of fact, the only reason we pursue joy and peace is because we have yet to slow down to recognize that it is already present within us, waiting to be realized.  They are the basic components of the conscious life we could live if we were aware of life itself.  What we consider to be life, are merely accessories: our jobs, our relationships, our clothing, our cars and even our ego.  The only way to get beyond the distraction is through the stillness of meditation.  It gives us the rare opportunity to disconnect from the illusion and apprehend the beauty of the flow.  The sheer bliss that awaits; the ecstasy that can permeate our very existence; that part of us that is indistinguishable from the universe is present with us at this very moment. 

Let this be your single pursuit, to see the spark of the Divine and know that which is already true.  It only takes one moment to change the rest of your life.  

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