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Tides of Change

Tides of Change



Sitting amongst the breeze of the day, I reflect again on a life with time passed.  The sands of the hourglass have siphoned to lower levels and it is time to turn over again.  Not the cyclical repeat of upside down or downside up, but rather the rearrangement of the grains of everyday existence.  We persist through through struggle, consistently convincing ourselves of its worth, seeking its benefit to our growth and maturity.   Are we afraid?  Yes.  Are we concerned?  Of course.  Do we know what’s next?  Not at all.  Is it worth the journey?  Absolutely.  For adventure’s sake and for the ride of a lifetime when all that exists is ours to explore.  The entire earth is our home, so we must consciously inhabit every place we decide to traverse.  Nothing is limited.  We can have all that we’ve yet to dream in this life… 

Just today, I found an old notebook and came across this journal entry.  As I began to read it, I was immediately reminded of a quotation from Ken Robinson’s book, Finding Your Element, in which he says, “Life is Organic, not Linear.”  He explores the idea that none of us could predict how our lives will turn out to be.  We live primarily through a constant process of improvisation, blending our interests and personality with opportunities and circumstances.  In other words, there is no set formula or path, but rather a mysterious journey of discovery.  We find passions within our soul and we should seek authentic ways in which to express those passions. 

Life exists in a state of constant evolutionary flux.  So many moving, growing parts expanding and simultaneously adapting to our personal decisions.  For something that complex, I can understand how most of our efforts to forge and craft a life is met with many wonderful surprises and some unfortunate twists.   There’s no way we can anticipate situations before making a choice.  We don’t know how the universe will respond to our intent and our purpose but we can be rest assured that if we are choosing with integrity, it shall be met with corresponding beauty.

That is Karma Yoga in it’s purest form.  We decide and act for the sake of gratitude and not for reward.  We are thankful for our talents, interests and passions and so we give back to the world, that which was given to us.  It is truly a sacred act to pursue that which has apprehended the soul. Our actions then become an honest portrayal of our utmost desires.  The danger arises when we betray our essence by pursuing things outside of ourselves.  We compromise our existence by rejecting our inherent nature and bargaining off the life we could live.  At all costs, we must be true to our heart.  

We all have stories as to how we have arrived where we are now and I am certain it was not linear.  Just think for a moment about all of the challenges and obstacles that we’ve endured to be here today.  Think of all of the joys and inspirational moments that have pushed us out of “so-called” comforts and redirected our lives forever.  It is my prayer that we can embrace the change and learn to trust the flow.  Letting go of judgments that hold us back and removing any trace of anger and conflict from our relationships.   That way we can find the freedom to discover ourselves as we grow and change with tides.  

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