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The Mission is Great

The Mission is Great



The spirit behind The Juice Laundry is one that resonates closely with the team at Good Start Packaging. Like Mike, Good Start’s founder & CEO Ken left a successful career in the corporate world to pursue something with more meaning, something that could leave a true and lasting impact on this earth we share.

That route is rarely the easiest… Ken often recalls the times he was driving a van around California, hand-delivering product (on crutches for a short stint) and figuring out things as he went with many sleepless nights throughout the first few years. As with so many small business owners, he considered packing it up on several occasions; the mindset that persisted to keep his foot on the gas was, “What else would I do? This is why I’m here”. Years later we’ve come a long way from a one-man bootstrapped operation, and while we still have much to learn, we have no intention on looking back.

From the outside, Good Start is an eco-conscious packaging company that has a user-friendly website with quality products, dependable customer service, and competitive pricing to back it. Behind those essentials is a team composed of nine core members, all sharing an unwavering passion for excellence in the form of doing right by our amazing clients. We’re always thinking, researching, and debating about new ways we can improve the experience of the folks relying on us by putting ourselves in their shoes. These people dedicate their lives to their businesses and communities, and we are committed to helping them succeed beyond just packaging, as we know that’s just one piece to the puzzle.

Need to vent about the challenges you’re facing as a small business owner? Call us. Need advice on your branding & marketing strategy or new ways to increase foot traffic in your shop? Call us. There’s a good chance we have something to offer, and if we don’t right then and there, we’ll reach out to our existing clients with similar operations and get their take on things for you. It’s not all about dollars and cents; it’s about helping one another altruistically. This is the only way we will truly succeed in creating change.

As a consultative supplier in the food service industry, we’ve found the most meaningful help we can offer is in the forms of compassion and education, where despite the fact that the amount of people reaching out to us concerned with sustainability has increased exponentially, far too many are still either misinformed or uninformed as it pertains to the impact they have on the world. It is up to us to shed light in our everyday interactions with business owners on how powerful their dollar is, how it can either contribute to systems, behaviors, and institutions in support of destruction or those in support of preservation. Even on the individual consumer level, where we choose to get our coffee and juice each day makes a difference; many of us endorse so many things without awareness, which can be dangerous.

As simple as that may sound to convey, promoting mindfulness and challenging people to incorporate consciousness into their practices, both personal and business, is an endeavor that requires all hands on deck. This is where our gratitude for ideal partners and advocates like The Juice Laundry comes into play. If there were more businesses operating on their level, imagine how much better things would be.

Seriously, think about it. They provide fresh, delicious nutrient-packed juices and foods for you to consume, they welcome you warmly and make sure you’re taken care of before you leave, and the compostable cups & containers you exit with will have no ill effect on our planet when discarded. A company that embodies goodness all-around… it’s clear that they too believe the mission is great.

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