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Serving the Soul

Serving the Soul



As I get older, I realize the importance of serving my body and the connection that has to my soul.  It’s true what they say; we only have one life to live and one body in which to do it.  So not only must we cater to it in terms of what we put into it, but we must care for it through exercise too.  I strive for this magical combination through having some form of activity each and every day.  Whether that involves a full on sweat session, or simply some meditation, taking the time to put my body first is what counts.  Different methods work for different people.  What matters is finding what works for you and committing to it.

My personal workouts of choice are SoulCycle and Yoga, along with some pretty lengthy walks with my dog. I fell into SoulCycle as an employee a few years ago, and have not been able to step into a “regular” gym ever since. It continues to teach me what I really need to stay motivated, strong and powerful.  Not to mention it’s a pretty solid dance party on a bike.  My sweatiest moments are when I step out of one of their classes, and nothing feels better.  Yoga, on the other hand, is something I fell into more recently.  I used to be one of those people walking around in their “namaste in bed” t-shirts and never truly understanding what it was all about.  Since starting to practice yoga earlier this year, I have gained more of a balance, grounding and meditative soul than I have ever possessed before.  For me it was all about getting into it at the right time.

Whether it be clipped into a stationary bike, working on my down dog, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood with my pooch, I have found a lot of purpose through activity.  Not only is it my number one way to de-stress and take my mind of of things when it is running wild with anxieties, but it makes me feel good.  And feeling good, and loving yourself, is what will bring you success.  Yes, it’s totally cliche but also 100% true.  Make the time, because it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, and breathe.  It’s worth it and if you’re like me you will only regret the things you don’t do, particularly when it comes to working out.

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