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First came Halloween, than pumpkin spice everything, culminating in pumpkin pie noshing post our Thanksgiving feasts. But it wasn’t over yet. The kugel appeared on Hanukkah, followed by Christmas cookies, peppermint bark, and Yuletide logs. We likely toasted with some Champs. Rubbing our bellies and assuming the position of a beached whale, we likely vowed to eat better and with more intention heading into the New Year.

The first month saw intense determination and motivation, with gym memberships increasing and leafy greens flying off grocery store shelves. The overachievers participated in Whole 30s and Dry January. But now what? How do we keep ourselves on track and stick to the good habits we’ve cultivated at the start of 2018? Hurdles on the horizon, like Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day, remind us that indulgent consumption is a national norm. Pleasure is our pursuit. Sugar is our love language.

So, we’re taking action (as we’ve grown accustomed to doing!) and challenging the status quo. During the month of January we will be providing content on a number of sugar related topics, like blood sugar stabilization and the best natural sweeteners, so we can all become more mindful and informed about what we’re putting into our bodies. We’ll offer “low sugar swaps” for all of our smoothie offerings, and a list of our lowest sugar menu items for your convenience. We’ll culminate our efforts by participating in a 7 Day Sugar Cleanse from February 19th-25th (more info to come), as a way to bring awareness to the amount of refined and added sugar we consume on a daily basis. We’re inviting our staff to think of this as an exercise and opportunity for experimentation and self-reflection: learning the intricacies of their habits, power of their cravings, and enlightening them on new ways to nourish their body.

We believe in personal development as a tool towards continuous and constant evolution, and hope you’ll join us in taking on this challenge!

Feb 10, 2018

SOS no sugar!!!!!

Randi Karpoe

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