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Little Things to Save the World

Little Things to Save the World



At times, making a positive impact on the world or minimizing our footprint can seem overwhelming!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to make small, sustainable changes!

In the grocery store:
1. Don't buy produce in plastic bags or containers!
2. Always bring your own mesh produce bags and grocery bags.
3. Buy what you can in bulk! 
4. Stick to whole foods that you recognize and can craft with your own hands into something delicious!
5. Buy local when you can at farmers' markets.
6. Eat at home when you can, minimize ordering out with styrofoam and plastic containers.
7. Choose to go to places that don't inundate you with unnecessary waste and low quality food.
8. Only eat organic produce! This means no chemicals in your body, in our water, in the soil, or in the air we breathe.

In the home:
1. Sort your own recycling (glass, paper, plastic); take it to a recycling center (McIntire)!
2. Keep your food waste separate and take it to a compost center (McIntire).
3. Use natural cleaners as opposed to chemicals (you can make them yourself)!
4. Enjoy natural lighting whenever possible instead of using energy.
5. Make sure all lights and appliances not being used are off and unplugged.
6. Use only the water that you need (shorter showers)!
7. Don't buy shampoo, soap, detergent in plastic containers (you can find some great stuff on Etsy in paper packaging, local vendors, or google how to DIY).
8. Use dish and laundry detergent that are environmentally safe.

With the dogs:
1. Make your own dog treats instead of buying ones in plastic bags!
2. Buy grain free food in paper or recyclable packaging.
3. Use waste bags made of biodegradable material as opposed to plastic!

In summary:
Minimize trash (plastic) output, compost organic materials, sort recycling, consume and live responsibly! Leave the world a better, cleaner place than the way you found it!

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