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Let the 7 day sugar abstination commence!

Let the 7 day sugar abstination commence!

We’ve got this!
We’ve got you!

At each of our locations we’re offering low-sugar swaps for some of our trusted menu favorites:

  • Sub shredded coconut + chia on any acai smoothie bowl (instead of granola + fruit)
  • Try one of our quinoa or oat bowls with the following topping combinations:
    • Candy Bar: Cacao + Cashew Butter + Shredded Coconut
    • Mudslide: Cacao + Coconut Oil + Flax
    • Snickerdoodle: Cinnamon + Nutmeg + Cashew Butter
    • Chia Latte: Cinnamon + Ginger + Nutmeg + Chia
  • Try one of our daily soups or salads - have you had our chili with cashew cream though?
  • Sub cauliflower rice for one of the fruits in your smoothie - trust us you won’t taste it!

Ask and you shall receive. Mention the challenge and we’ll hook you up!

How will you boost your success outside of the Juice Laundry walls when lured in by innocent looking, scrumptious smelling, mouth watering sugary temptations? Read on to learn our best tips and tricks for quitting sugar (just for a week - we support everything in moderation!), and what to expect during your cleanse (hellllloooo withdrawal).

1.  Need an energy boost? Craving sweets? Eat FAT.

The most helpful tip I have from personal experience is to keep your blood sugar stable and appetite satiated by incorporating more healthy fats. If you’re afraid of fats I’d urge you to experiment this week, and see what you notice. Here’s some of my favorite ways to add it to my meals:

  • Nut butters - so yum. A spoonful in my morning oatmeal or quinoa, alongside an apple, carrot sticks, or celery, a welcome addition to any smoothie. You can keep a jar on hand at work, at home, and in your bag, and feed yourself a spoonful whenever you feel your energy dipping throughout the day.
  • Avocados - my personal favorite. On good quality bread with red chili flakes and sea salt. Squeeze of lemon if you want to feel extra fancy.
  • Yogurt - there’s so many vegan alternatives out there now, and the creaminess aids in a feeling of satisfaction and satiety. I like to add a spoonful of ground flax and bee pollen to mine for texture.
  • Coconut butter - if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this magnificent flavor explosion yet, go ahead and treat yourself. You can buy it at any health food store, or make it at home by putting coconut flakes in your food processor for 7-10 minutes. I like to make coconut butter cups, by placing 1.5 tbsps in a silicone or paper muffin cup and freezing until hard. They make a perfect dessert that’s satisfying and feels indulgent. You can sprinkle with chia seeds, bee pollen, or cacao nibs before freezing as well.

    2.  Add more fermented foods to your diet.

    A few tablespoons of sauerkraut, fermented beet, or a gut shot (apple cider vinegar) will quell a craving in seconds. The sour taste programs your taste buds so sugary foods will taste overly sweet. I like to imagine the friendly little bacteria from the fermentation process eating those sugar-desiring yeasts in my gut - game on! Just make sure your fermented product is raw (not pasteurized!), so all those good bacteria are intact.

    3.  Eat more fiber.

    Blood sugar instability is often a result of a diet marked by high carb, low protein/fat/fiber intake. Once our bodies have broken down carbs into glucose, they need more to continue fueling our activity. Protein, fat, and fiber take longer for the body to break down into their simplest forms, and therefore leave us fueled for longer periods of time. Try adding more fiber into every meal, with the addition of things like leafy greens, broccoli, brown rice and beans, or sneak it into your smoothie by adding flax seeds, chia seeds, oats or acacia fiber.

    4.  Increase the sweet, sweet self-love.

    From a physiological standpoint, sugar cravings are thought to stem from a lack of self-nurturing. We often ‘treat’ ourselves to sugar as a way to show ourselves love, pleasure, or reward. The people who take care of everyone else and put themselves last are the people who give selflessly, and take little to replenish their own cup.

  • It’s important to create intentional space for self-care and self-connection, re-defining the preconceived notion of this being selfish or self-indulgence.
  • We must make time to do things we really love to do, and manage our stress. If we are satisfied in all aspects of our lives, there is less reason to reach for the sweets when turmoil strikes. Need some inspiration?

    • Try yin yoga, or a restorative class. It’s a gift and act of self love. 
    • Take a bath, light some candles, and soak in some epsom salts.
    • Put on a face mask and give yourself a total body massage with oil.
    • Go for a walk. See how many animals you can interact with.
    • Listen to a podcast that inspires you.
    • Create a vision board of all the things you want to attract into your life.

    We’re excited to launch this challenge and anxious to observe what we notice in our bodies. We invite you to participate, if it speaks to you, and join our experiment as we continue honing our own inner wisdom and gaining new body knowledge.

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