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Intentional Mornings

Intentional Mornings



Throughout my life, there haven't been many constants. Whether moving cities, taking a new job, getting married, starting a business, diving into a new hobby, traveling, getting pets, etc so many things seem to be in constant flux.  Albeit usually wonderful and for the best, change can be overwhelming at times.

As I navigate my way towards my 30's, I have come to realize many things about myself and how to maintain stability within while the world around me continues to shape-shift.  No matter where I am or what I am doing, I've found that the healthiest way to adhere to organization within my life and exercise discipline and freedom simultaneously, is to begin my day with a routine.

The routine allows me to step into my day with clarity, intention, and a deeper sense of self. Being able to start the day off by connecting with myself and having something to drop back into throughout the day can make all the difference.

Although the idea sounded a bit silly to me at first, I wrote my routine down on a piece of paper.  Each morning, I consult my page upon awakening to hold myself accountable for my own wellbeing.

Over time, this routine molds itself to my needs/location/accessible resources, but it always is a reflection of my most honest assessment of what will help me function at my highest level.

1. Open my eyes and softly greet the sunlight.
2. Roll over and kiss my husband.
3. Say hello to our dogs.
4. Wash my face.
5. Apply essential oils.
6. Drink a small glass of water.
7. Make matcha or bulletproof coffee.
8. Sit by the window and take a moment to journal.
(what am I grateful for, what are my 3 main goals for the day)
9. Write and repeat my mantra for the day. 
("I am standing in the light in which I wish to be seen.")
10. Take the dogs on a long walk.
11. Come in, check my phone, and begin my day.

My routine as of late has proven a bit idealistic for the circumstances of opening a new business.  And these times in life will happen. 

And I have learned: just do the best I can do.

This means skipping part of my routine altogether many mornings of late, waking up an hour earlier, or combining the elements. Instead of dwelling on what I didn't get to do, I am learning to be flexible and creative in the ways I execute my routine. I know my list is my ultimate best start of the day and that I must give to myself what I can. Sometimes that means my journaling takes place inside my head while I am walking the dogs, and that's ok. 

I have discovered for myself the difference it can make setting an intention to co-create the tone of my day. I am humbled by this simple lesson and ever grateful for this journey.

Oct 04, 2017

Awesome, thanks Sarah! I’m a huge believer in a morning routine… and have had the same one for years… many of the same elements as yours.

Michael Reilly

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