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Impact of Intuitive Eating

Impact of Intuitive Eating



Our culture is full of diets. Low carb, high protein, low fat, replacement meals, fasting, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, the list goes on and on. Diets are restrictive and food restriction leads to food obsession. Maybe you will lose weight maybe you won't. If you do loose weight, if often does not stay off. Also do we really need to lose weight anyway? What would it be like if we focused on health instead of a number on a scale. What would it be like to live in our bodies instead of our head. What would it be like to not have to obsess over what we ate. What would it be like to have room in our hearts and brain for things in life that really matter to us. What would it be like to love ourselves no matter what we ate or what size we are?

You may be thinking freedom. That is what I think of. Intuitive eating leads to a healthy relationship with food. This means no dieting, eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full and eating what you like. This may sound easy (or maybe not). What you need to know is that you CAN achieve this. It may be harder for some due to years of dieting/restricting and food obsession. It is a process, but SO worth it. 

A question I get a lot is won't I gain weight? The answer is that you will be at a the size your body can perform its best at. Most often this is less than what you weigh now. People are often afraid that they will run and eat oreos all day long. You won't. Because by giving up any food rules and getting rid of your lists of illegal and legal foods, your previously forbidden foods will not be so tempting. You will be able to pass by oreos without obsessing over them. You will be able to eat 2 oreos without needing more. You will be able to say no to the oreos because maybe you are just not in the mood. You will be able to eat the oreos without feeling guilt and shame and then 'punishing yourself later'. Or you may realize you do not even like them. Because they are not forbidden anymore you will not feel powerless around them. Instead you will naturally and intuitively gravitate towards foods that make you feel good and that your body needs at that time.

This is a healthy relationship with food. 

You deserve to become an intuitive eater because you are so much more than what you eat. You are a wonderful human being that has so much to offer to the world and deserving of so much love, and the types of foods you eat or is not any indication of your soul self. 

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