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Going Bagless

Going Bagless

From the start, The Juice Laundry has been committed to sourcing 100% organic produce and using reusable glass bottles and compostable disposables for our juices and smoothies. But when it comes to ensuring the survival and well-being of our planet, there is always more that can be done - that MUST be done...

With that in mind, our next big initiative is going bagless.

What this means, in practice, is that we are encouraging our customers - YOU! - to bring a reusable bag each time you come in to make a to-go purchase. We will have a “take a bag, leave a bag” box that, subject to availability, can be used free of charge if you ever forget to bring your own (please consider donating old bags you have around the house!). But the change starts with each of us individually, and we hope to make the practice of bringing your own become habitual, not just at our establishments but everywhere you typically end up using a shopping bag.

In the event you need a bag, we will still have paper bags ($2) and reusable TJL cooler bags ($4) available for purchase. ALL proceeds from purchased paper bags will be donated to One Tree Planted - a nonprofit with the simple mission of planting a tree for every dollar donated.

We’re far past the point of being able to pretend there aren’t huge issues facing our planet, or that we, as individuals, can’t do anything about it. Big change starts small, and we hope to find support from our communities and be joined by other small businesses in this initiative. Thank you!

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