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From Farm to City

From Farm to City



Farm living isn't easy. A lot of hard work goes into every animal and each crop.  We care for our animals and crops as if they were family-knowing that as we nurture them, they will nurture us.

What has all that got to do with a juice shop you say?

That some level of dedication and commitment to the quality of life on my farm is the driving force behind my work here at The Juice Laundry.

Howdy there! My name is Josh and for over 20 years I lived in Michigan farming all the while. My cattle lived in wide, open pastures, grazing about where they pleased.  We fed them hay and bedded them with straw from our fields. My family and I prided ourselves in keeping our farm on the organic path.

My world in Michigan was small however, and I craved adventure elsewhere.  Arriving in D.C., I happened upon The Juice Laundry. I shed a tear of joy at learning of the commitment to quality, being organic, and making juices that will keep you coming back for more!

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