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April is for Adjusting Associations

We recently had a happy juicer tell us that after a 3-day cleanse followed up with regular daily juices, she has finally broken her habit of drinking a Coke every single day. In the past, any attempt to quit left her with severe headaches and she always went back.

Now she craves her favorite pure, organic, nutritionally dense juice instead and is loving how she feels.

Call them habits, rituals, addictions, etc... We all have them when it comes to food/drink, but we also have the ability to make smarter, healthier choices that will leave us feeling better and more energized. We challenge you to "adjust an association" this month by cutting back, cutting out, or replacing a less-than-ideal dietary choice that you make on a regular basis.

We've been conditioned to associate processed junk food with pleasure and indulgence, which is just silly considering the healthy, natural, and delicious options that exist these days. Come check us out at the opening day of the City Market this Saturday to sample some association-adjusters and find out what we mean.

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