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This Is What We Get For Making TRULY Raw Juice!

You may have noticed that our juice has recently been harder to find around town. This letter is the reason why.

Here are some thoughts:

1. YOU CAN STILL ORDER OUR JUICE ON OUR WEBSITE. We'll work out direct delivery to your home or office, with a more sophisticated ordering/delivery system coming very soon. Think of us as the old-timey milkman, just with juice. We are NOT prohibited from operating in this manner.

2. Our method of making raw, unprocessed juice available through other business entities is neither unusual nor, in our view, improper. It's done by countless other raw juice shops in every single state (including VA), and has been for many years.

3. We strongly disagree with VDACS' findings in this matter (which were admittedly made without looking at the practices of a single other business similar to ours, in VA or elsewhere!) and are, of course, challenging these restrictions. We have already received a great deal of support from lawyers, FDA experts, and fellow raw juice lovers and makers.

4. In the coming weeks, we're expanding our delivery zones to include Harrisonburg and Lynchburg (in addition to C'ville, Richmond, and Orange). Let your friends and family know. Raw juice for everyone.

5. We're accelerating our plans for a kick-ass, state-of-the-art juice/smoothie/raw food bar and production center in C'ville. Applications for incredible raw food chefs are currently being accepted at


7. [Thumbs down] silly U.S. food "safety" regulations like this one (lobbied for by large corporations that line grocery store shelves with chemical- and other toxin-laced products that will make you unhealthy, miserable, and maybe even dead by 50). Kill our juice with pasteurization or HPP to comply with what THEY want us to do? No thanks. Not now, not ever.

8. [Thumbs down] weak, lifeless HPP'd juice and the companies that compromise the integrity of their product in order to satisfy these "safety" regulations and find a spot on grocery store shelves, where it's easier to make a big profit.

9. If you agree with your government that raw juice is a public health hazard that should worry us all more than obesity and cancer caused by chemical additives and carcinogens in our food, go buy a Tropicana or a Coke and drink yourself down the rungs of chronic disease and inflammation.

10. Special thanks to VDACS and the (local) juice company that "blew the whistle" on us, as it were. Nothing like some adversity to kick our collective consciousness into super-high gear and push us to bring raw juice, good health, and good feelings to more people than ever.

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