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Proposed FDA Food Safety Rules Threaten Local Growers & Distributors

Do you like locally grown and/or organic produce? Do you like local produce providers like Local Food Hub, Relay Foods and the Charlottesville City Market? New rules proposed by the FDA under the FSMA threaten local growers and distributors by threatening organic and sustainable agriculture practices that farmers have used for hundreds of years.

Locally Grown Produce

The FSMA puts small and mid-scale farmers and processors at a competitive disadvantage against corporate farmers and producers who can more easily absorb costs, fees and fines. These massive companies would prefer that we eat (and raise our kids on) their GMOs instead of healthy, organic produce grown by local farmers.

However, as the Organic Consumers Association points out:

The organic fruits, vegetables and nuts you buy from local farmers have never created a food safety problem. Most food safety disasters have originated from large-scale, industrial farming and processing operations –- the very operations that stand to benefit from the FSMA!

The "Hazard Analysis" plans the FDA seeks to implement are the same kind of misdirected nonsense that prohibit us from selling fresh, raw juice at grocery stores without processing it! Please check this out and, if you agree, sign the letter to the FDA. Today is the last day the FDA is accepting comments (like this letter), so take a minute now to sign it and then share the link with your family and friends.

Click here to sign the electronic petition from the Organic Consumers Association to the FDA.

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