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TJL App is Here!


Our long awaited Rewards and Order Ahead app is finally here and we're excited to share with you some of the new features and functionality you can expect out of it. By downloading the app and creating an account ahead of time, we'll be able to get you in and out quicker during your next visit. Thank you for bearing with us over the next week or two as we get everyone integrated and up to speed - we promise it'll be well worth it!


Instructions for download and use:


Step 1: Download App
Follow the applicable link below to download the app for your iOS or Android device. Sign up using your email address.


Step 2: Order Ahead
If you want to take advantage of the new Order Ahead feature (which will replace our web-based order ahead option through Square), all you need to do is load your wallet in the app and start placing orders for whichever location is most convenient. (Your card info is safe - it is neither stored nor accessible by anyone but you!) Currently, Order Ahead defaults to a 10-minute "prep time" at which point your order will be ready. It's already paid for, so just walk in, pick it up, and go! (The ability to customize your pickup time beyond the 10-minute default time window is coming soon to the app!)


Step 3: Rewards Program
Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. When you reach 150 points, you will receive a $10 off coupon that can be used on anything! Track your progress via the app. You can even redeem available rewards via the app's Order Ahead option.


Frequently asked questions:


Do I have to sign up for anything?
Nope. If you don't want to take advantage of our Rewards Program or Order Ahead features, don't worry. Just proceed as usual and ignore all this!


Is Order Ahead only available through the app?
Yes. In order to streamline our order ahead processing and give you the best experience possible, this feature is replacing our old web-based preorder system entirely. We hope you agree that it's much faster and easier to use!


I had an old Loyalty account through Square, are my stars still accessible?
Yes! We've migrated all preexisting loyalty data to our new system. The phone number you've always used will be matched to the new profile you create when you enter it for the first time, and you'll already have points in your account (at a 5:1 conversion ratio of new points to old "stars").


Do I have to download the app to join the Rewards Program?
No. The tablets that you now see next to the registers at each location function as your in-store check-in device. When you reach the cashier, you'll sign into the tablet in one of 3 ways:
  - Enter your phone number manually
  - Scan your "key card" (free at each location and paired to your account)
  - Scan the QR code on the app's homepage (if you choose to download it)
Once logged in, your transaction will be completed as normal and points will automatically be added to your account. If you have an available reward, you will alert the cashier and they will apply the appropriate discount!


If I sign up, will you hit me up with all kinds of texts and emails?
No way. Clogged inboxes are annoying, and we've always tried to keep our communication limited to only the most important updates and announcements. Nothing will change in that respect. You can customize your notification preferences (e.g., receive push notifications for reward info and order ahead alerts). Also, you can always opt out of texts and/or emails if you find it to be overwhelming at any point. We won't be offended at all!


Okay, I understand it all by now - should I sign up or not?
We hope you do. Beyond the Rewards Program and Order Ahead, you'll also enjoy birthday gifts and additional perks and benefits only available through the app! And by downloading and creating your account ahead of time, you'll be helping us minimize added wait times as we make this transition - which we'd super appreciate! We are excited to share these improvements with you and remain committed to bringing you not only the highest quality organic ingredients, but also a quality experience every time you stop in — while rewarding you along the way!